A tree surgeons recovery

24 Hours in A&E

Tree surgeon in A&E

 The only unfortunate thing was, I couldn’t see out of the window to enjoy the view because I was laid flat on my back, I did suggest they put a mirror on the ceiling of the helicopter so I could see out. It wasn’t taken very well.

We landed and I was immediately wheeled into A&E. I’d seen the TV program “24 Hours In A&E” a handful of time but never fully appreciated how real it all was. I can only describe the next few hours in intensive care as a whirl wind. The care and attention you get is indescribable, doctors and nurses are around you like bees around a honey pot. 

Inserting cannuala’s into both sides of my arms to get drugs into me to make me more comfortable. Cutting my t-shirt off to put a hospital gown on. Doctor’s asking me multiple questions to try and diagnose the problem. It wasn’t long until I went in for X-rays and scans, scanning my upper and lower spine. They tested my nerves on my legs because of the height of the fall, although I could feel them testing the nerves on my upper and lower legs as well as my feet, the left hand side upper thigh was slightly numb. 

They constantly tested my blood pressure, heart beat and the oxygen in my blood stream all which come back showing I was stable. The concern about my neck wore off and they allowed me to move it a bit more figuring it was stable and unaffected by the accident. Things were looking a bit more positive.

The next test the doctors had to do doesn’t come easy to talk about but I thought it would be a shame to miss it out. A doctor, well I’m hoping he was a doctor, told me that because of the height of the fall they had to check the nerves in my bum. I never in a million years thought i’d be having a doctor put his fingers up my bum. I made it very clear that i could “clench” and insisted that I was fine. He wasn’t having any of it, he was going to check. 

Before I knew it I had four nurses at my side ready to log roll me (very apt), while the doctor pulled on his rubber gloves… I was rolled on my side and the doctor asked if I could feel that, expecting and preparing for him to have put his fingers up my bum I was was for a split second panicked as I couldn’t feel it! Then I realised he was touching my neck in order to check the nerves on my back! Thank goodness. Then he did what he had to and i could feel everything and i mean “EVERYTHING” and true to my thoughts, I could clench as the doctor confirmed. 

I was unaware if anyone was on the way to see me, my wife was working in London and had gone by train so I knew it was going to be a while before she got to me. What I didn’t know was once my brother had found out he immediately left work and sped as fast as he could to coventry, he was first to see me, I was still in A&E. By the time he got there i’d already had the fingers up my bum and proceeded to tell him about it. I can remember telling him almost proud of it, I blame the drugs. It made for a good laugh anyway.

In the meantime I had some results through from my scans, it seemed that i’d burst my L2 Vertebrae and they also said there was a possibility I was bleeding in my stomach although they also said that it could have been something id eaten……..I had eaten sun dried tomato couscous. 

This created some confusion to where I was going to go next, the neuro ward wasn’t prepared to accept me until they were sure that I wasn’t bleeding from the stomach. So I was to go to the Major Trauma unit where I would be monitored hourly. 

I was off on my travels again, this time in a hospital bed and gown…

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