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A tree surgeons recovery

Tree surgeon in air ambulance
A tree surgeons recovery

I had a ride in a helicopter

It all happened so fast, from being 100% confident I was secure, to falling 30ft out of the tree. It’s scary to think that I had time to think before I hit the floor.  I had enough time to…

Tree surgeon in A&E
A tree surgeons recovery

24 Hours in A&E

 The only unfortunate thing was, I couldn’t see out of the window to enjoy the view because I was laid flat on my back, I did suggest they put a mirror on the ceiling of the helicopter so I…

Me in hospital
A tree surgeons recovery

Hospital routine-Day 2

Waiting, I don’t think any of us particularly like waiting for something. We now live in a world that pretty much if we want something we can just go and get it. Not so much with an MRI scan,…

Me in hospital with my brother
A tree surgeons recovery

The MRI Scan-Day 3

At 7.00am I was woken, at 7.45 I was picked up by the porters as expected. It was the first time I was able to have a look at the ward and the hospital as we made our way…