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A great day at Eroica Brittannia

Picture of Daniel in the frame at Eroica Brittannia

At the weekend SilverOak went to Eroica Britannia, the 3 day handsome Italian cycling and family life style festival held at the Bakewell show ground, Derbyshire.

Daniel was really excited to be able to take part in the 55 km bike ride! The bike and clothes had to be authentic in style to pre 1987 without any if the modern gear systems! In typical style he managed to find a burgundy 1982 Raleigh Connoisseur downtown bike, which basically meant it was an upright bike when most of the participants would be on racing bikes! He also got a vintage style cycling top and cap to match the outfit.

Daniel at the Eroica Britannia festival

Dan and Paul had made a team with other friends who are also tree surgeons in the Derbyshire area, all of which had sourced some vintage bikes and had a laugh over their outfits. They were all slightly dubious whether Dan’s bike would finish the race!

The day dawned clear although it was forecast rain and they had a great ride with a fantastic atmosphere starting out at the Bakewell show ground on the Monsal trail to Taddington, on the High Peak Trail to Hurdlow and then to Pike Hall on the trail.  The ride then made its way to Cromford and eventually passing through Chatsworth back to the show ground. At the Chatsworth stop there were refreshments in true Italian style Aperol Spritz, San Pellegrino and cream teas!

On passing the finish line each rider was given a free Thornbridge Ale so everyone was happy and pleased to have finished the ride on those vintage bikes with only 3 gears without breaking!

Dan was also really happy as it marked a full recovery from his accident last year where he broke a vertebrate in his back.

We can’t wait until the next Eroica as it was a great day out for all the family and a great British adventure!

Picture of the artwork at Eroica Brittannia

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