A tree surgeons recovery

Finally I was out

A tree surgeons recovery

It was the best feeling getting back to familiar surroundings, because of logistics we decided to stay at my wife’s parents house, with Lauren still working and Hector our dog needing looking after it made sense to recuperate in Derbyshire in the countryside which I love the most.

A tree surgeons recovery

Back home feeling happy

Arriving on the Friday night and seeing Hector after two and a half weeks was great, just sitting by the warm log fire in good company with a decent cup of tea made me forget the last couple of weeks. Its amazing how you take the little things for granted when there taken away from you.

Its incredible how much better you start feeling being at home, it’s definitely good for the mind. It may also have been down to the fact I was being looked after amazingly well by Laurens mum, the best mum in law I’ve had. Cups of tea on drip, toast, home made soup and fresh bread, morning coffee’s, afternoon fruit and yogurt, as well as a two, sometimes three course meals in the evening. It was like being all inclusive in a country retreat, you would actually pay good money for it. 

You think you’re not making fast progress but a week later on that Friday evening I’d walked up the lane with Lauren and the dog, sometimes it is good to look back and compare rather then focusing on what you still can’t do. I came in from that tiny little walk and felt pretty pleased with myself, it wasn’t much but it was a step in the right direction. 

Back Home with Hector

Hector by my feet

That same Friday, the 9th I’d also had a trip to Sheffield to the doctors to have my staples removed. I wasn’t looking forward to this, the thought of someone picking staples out of a fresh wound didn’t sit well. Although the nurse did a great job and wasn’t bad at all. It felt a bit of a mile mark having the staples out, I thought about and was looking forward to the first proper shower I would get to have. 

Now being out of hospital I was trying to arrange for work to continue without me, that way still make a bit of money while off recovering. Tree work stopped at Stoke Hall, Derbyshire. I made sure some tree surgery and hedge cutting carried on at the contract we have in Lodgemoor on the old hospital site in Sheffield. Jobs continued to come in and the business continued with the help of the lads. 

After having the stitches out on the Friday, on the Monday one of my wounds wasn’t looking great, three were fine but one was starting to leak some fluid. It wasn’t a good sign, it definitely looked infected. On Tuesday we rang Coventry hospital for some advice and they said go to A&E to get it checked out. What I didn’t realise was, this was just the beginning…

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