Firewood Logs

Sourced and seasoned locally in Sheffield, we offer seasoned firewood for open fires and log burners. We have seasoned good quality wood that burns well, such as Ash, Sycamore, Beech, and Oak. All our wood goes through an air drying process and has been seasoned for at least a year. All of our wood has a lower than 20% moisture content.

As experienced tree surgeons our wood is ethically sourced from trees in Sheffield and surrounding areas that have had to be removed for reasonable reasons and have had the relevant permissions granted. We always seek to preserve trees to the best of our ability and be environmentally friendly.

We offer free delivery on all orders and can deliver to a 15 mile radius of Sheffield and the Peak District.

Please find below our standard price range:

Builders tonne bag of mixed hardwood and softwood logs £60.00

Builders tonne bag of hardwood logs £70.00

If you are keen to order more than 2 tonne bags or bulk orders, please contact us for a discounted price.



To place an order, please contact us here or call 07944394413

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