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Hospital routine-Day 2

Me in hospital

Waiting, I don’t think any of us particularly like waiting for something. We now live in a world that pretty much if we want something we can just go and get it. Not so much with an MRI scan, I was told that today was the day I would have it and find out the full extent of the damage to my back. I was told I was in a queue and they would come for me when they were ready.

There was a routine developing that I would get used to, it involved breakfast at 8.00am, generally I opted for toast with marmalade even though my appetite wasn’t great, I’d perhaps only manage half a slice. This would then be followed my my morning tablets. I’d wait until 10.30-11.00am then the hot drinks would start to be brought around. I soon realised that hot drinks are just not the same as when you have them at home. It also doesn’t help when you are laying flat on your back and you have to drink them out of a plastic beaker with a straw. At 12.30pm lunch would be brought around, a choice of sandwiches, omelette and other hot options followed by desert, either chocolate eclair, fruit or yoghurt. This again was followed by more tablets. At 2.30-3.00pm again another hot drink, I soon realised that hot chocolate was the best option. Then finally at 5.00-5.30pm tea time, I remember for my first evening meal I had chicken korma curry with rice, surprisingly it went down well. Again followed by tablets.

You do find that your routine revolves around meal times. It wasn’t easy eating when you are laying flat but you just get on with it, you just find a way to make it work. Part of my routine was visitors, so generally the nurses like to do most things in the morning to get you ready. It involved bad baths, a new hospital gown and changing the bedding. Around 10.30 this is when the surgeons and doctors would walk the ward seeing each patient. Generally they would make sure I still had strength in my legs, this would consist of pushing my leg up as they would apply a force down. I would pull my feet towards me as they would pull towards themselves. As quick as they would come, they would go. 

Visiting was at 2.00pm-4.30pm and then 6.30-8.00pm. However, we got some leeway as everyone was visiting from Sheffield. So Thursday, Lauren, my brother and Laurens brother came for 1.00pm. I was picking up, not feeling as rough today and was stable with my blood pressure, oxygen levels and heart rate all pretty average. This again would be part of my routine. Throughout the day nurses would come and we would enquire if there was any idea on when I was having the MRI, they were still waiting too. 

The good news was that they were happy that I wasn’t bleeding in the stomach. This meant I would be moved at some point to the neurosciences ward, the place I needed to be. Again it was a matter of waiting. 

It was frustrating because I just wanted to know the full extent of the damage and how quick i was going to get better, so having to wait for the MRI seemed to be slowing things down. It was clear it wasn’t going to happen today, I wasn’t happy having been told I would have it today. There was nothing I could do but wait. 

I was again left alone when visiting hours finished at 8.30pm although they left around 9.30pm. At 11.45pm I was moved a floor lower to my new home “Ward 43”. Again into a private room. I was told I’d be having my MRI the next morning at around 8.00am and I would be collected by the porters around 7.45am. 

Finally I would be having my MRI.

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