A tree surgeons recovery

The day nurses whipped my boxer shorts off

Coventry University hospital

Making my way to the major trauma ward my parents arrived and joined me in the lift up to the 44th ward. I was wheeled into the ward and into a private room where i would spend the next couple of nights. It was a good feeling that I was out of A&E and on a ward, although the reality of knowing I was going to be staying in hospital for a period of time wasn’t great. 

Time had flown by, I had arrived at the hospital at about 14:30 and now finally in the ward it was nearer 20:00. It was about this time Lauren (my wife) arrived, she had took the train out of London and a work colleague had driven her to Coventry.  What a relief to finally see her. When I fell all I could think about was Lauren. All sorts of thoughts are going around in your head. To finally see her put my mind at rest, sort of a relief and calm. It’s definitely not a nice thing to experience watching the facial expressions of the one you love change when they see you. A look of concern and upset, probably shocked at perhaps how bad it was. To me I looked normal, to everyone else I looked pretty rough. It was a definite comfort to have Lauren by my side holding my hand. 

The instructions I had were to lay flat on my back and avoid moving. So far they had established i’d burst my L2 vertebrae and potentially I was bleeding in my stomach, although everyone thought it was rubbish and thought it was food. So I was to remain in the major trauma ward until they were happy that I wasn’t bleeding in the stomach. The plan was that I needed an MRI scan to check there was no other complications, this was planned for the next day.

Knowing I had to lay flat on my back, it was becoming apparent certain things weren’t going to be easy to do. Also the fact that I want going to be able to do a lot of things for myself. Just one example, I think it stemmed back to the doctor putting his fingers up my bum but when he pulled my boxer shorts up he didn’t straighten the band, Who does that…??? Anyway it was only when I had moved onto the ward and in my room that i started to feel the discomfort of the band digging in to my back. I tried altering them but i couldn’t lift my bum off the bed, I needed assistance. 

This really set the tone for how things were going to go, about 4 nurses came in and decided I’d be better without them so in one swift move she whipped them off. A burst of laughing out broke from the nurses and she joked that she had learnt a thing or two after being married for 30 years. 

It’s strange to be left somewhere you don’t want to be, but you resolve that you have no other option. That night I was checked hourly, to make sure my blood pressure remained stable, my oxygen levels were good and my heart rate was stable.

The next morning nothing had changed… I just had to wait for my MRI scan.

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