A tree surgeons recovery

One small step for man one giant step for mankind…

tree surgeon recovery

That night was pretty uncomfortable, the annoying thing it wasn’t the surgery it was the catheter that caused the most discomfort. To my relief it was removed at 6am and things started to look up.I was on pretty strong medication which kept the pain at bay, but I was definitely ready for the pain relief every four hours, if it wasn’t there I started to get grumpy and short tempered.

At around 10am the day after the operation the physiotherapy ladies came in to sit me up and try and get me in a chair. I had been allowed to sit up at 45 degrees to try and get more blood pumping round to my head, but to sit and stand after being laid flat on your back seemed crazy to me, one day your not allowed to move, the next day they want you to start mobilising.

They told me the correct way to sit up which involved rolling onto your side, swinging both legs off the bed and pushing yourself upright, a daily task that we all do without thinking. With the muscle they had to cut through to get to my spine was a whole different game, although I made it First stage complete.

I allowed my head to settle and to try and let the blood pressure settle down, but my head was pretty light headed and was happy sitting. Second stage was to stand, the physio offered there hand which I took and used my legs to push myself off. It was like standing for the first time, I was like a new born foal, but I had made it.

I stood for a while but it was too much I started sweating and was ready to get back in bed. The physio said it was probably to much to let me sit in the chair. I can remember feeling disappointed that I’d not made it to the chair, defeated almost, not thinking that the day after my operation I had stood up.

That evening I sat up on the edge of the bed again, determined to help myself and to try and build up from the off, I wanted to get in that chair. The next day the physiotherapy came again, I sat up on the edge of the bed and my head was feeling loads better, needed a little more encouragement to stand but once I was up my head felt fine.

I stood for a while before they asked if I wanted to walk, I agreed and for the first time walked out of the room I’d been staying in, I saw the ward properly for the first time. They walked me back and I sat up right in my chair with a massive smile on my face, I sent a selfie to my wife feeling pleased that I had made progress.

That day I concentrated getting up and moving around as much as I could manage, every hour I tried to get out the chair and move around. When Lauren came she provided good support as we walked around the ward together.

On Friday the 2nd of October, I was moving more freely on my own, physiotherapy came again and the next stage was stairs, which went fine. On that day I was discharged from hospital after spending 16 days there in which 13 of those were laid flat on my back.

Finally I got to go home.

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