A tree surgeons recovery

Operation Day

Tree surgeon post operation

The morning of the operation had arrived. My routine continued apart from breakfast as I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything. I watched the BBC news until 9am then switched over to Fraser. Trying to keep focused on anything but having the operation. 

At around 10-10.30am, Mr El Maghraby came to see me. He checked to make sure I definitely wanted the operation, he explained I’d already done nearly two weeks laying flat on my back, four more weeks to go. To me there was no going back, I had made my decision to have the operation and that was it. He said he’d come back to sign the paper work.

Shortly afterward he was back with the paper work, I signed two documents, one was to give consent to let them operate and the other was to allow them to photograph and video throughout the operation, I thought if they were taking photos and videos then he would take extra care. That was it, he left and all I had to do was to wait for my slot. I was meant to be third in line.

It was around 12 when the anaesthetist came in asking me a variety of questions and said they would be up shortly to collect me. I was expecting to go in later so it was a bit of a surprise. It wasn’t long until they collected me and wheeled me down to the theatre ward, I was wheeled into a bay where I was to wait until they were ready for me. Again i was asked questions and shown and asked if it was my signature on the consent form. 

They were ready for me, I was once again wheeled in my bed to another room, the room where I’d be put to sleep. Once in, they worked quick, they put a cannula in the top of my right wrist and straight away pumped something in. Whatever it was it started to work quickly, I felt it spreading throughout my body, I can remember talking about real ales and one of the anaesthetists commented on how it was like having a crate full of real ale. They then hit me with another dose and I drifted off not that I remember. 

It’s strange coming back around, I was again in a bay with someone by my side monitoring me. Once I was coming round I wanted to stay awake, trying to force myself. Although my body was wanting to go back to sleep. I felt terrible, my throat was sore and dry from having a pipe down it, the pain I felt was pretty bad, I just kept asking for Morphine. Slowly I was feeling more awake. I kept asking for cold water which i would drink down. By far the worse news I received was when I asked for a bottle to have a wee they said they had put a catheter in. They never mentioned to me they were doing this they had just done it. I was devastated, It’s a horrible feeling having the urge to wee but not having the satisfaction. They tell you to relax and it will do it on its own, how can you relax. I wanted it out and quick.

When I was stable and they were happy they took me back up to ward 43 and into my room. Waiting for me was Lauren, my parents and my brother. It’s strange when you think you look alright but clearly all the faces on the ones in the room told a different story. Granted I felt really groggy and just wanted to go to sleep but I wanted to show I was fine although it was clear I was completely out of it. 

When my family had left and as the evening went on I started to feel much better and come round. Although the catheter was giving me more discomfort then the operation, I wanted it out. To be told it would have to be done in the morning wasn’t good news. That night I didn’t get much sleep.

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