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Silver Oak Tree Surgery

Silver oak Tree Surgery

The Silver Oak Tree Surgery Toyota Dyna and Timberwolf 150 on a job in Lodgemoor, Sheffield. We look after the new estate which was built on the old hospital site. Our qualified tree surgeons have been managing the grounds for a few years now and the contrast is noticeable by all to see. 

When we started, the site hadn’t been touched for nearly ten years and other then the grass being cut and some light strimming everything else was very untidy as expected. David Wilson the building contractors stock planted the site with all variety’s of trees and shrubs. 

After ten years left to its own devices the site was very over crowded and looked untidy. We set about thinning out the trees to let the strong trees mature. The shrubs we trimmed back to create a more formal look to the estate. 

The overall look of the estate has improved, however there is still plenty of work to do and is ongoing throughout the year.

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