A tree surgeons recovery

The day I fell 30ft out of a tree

A picture of a the tree surgery team from sheffield and Derbyshire in the trees.

The 16th of September proved to be an eventful day for me. Its the day I fell 30ft out of a tree…

We had travelled to Corby, UK for a building project, there was seven of us in total, 4 of which work regularly together. We had estimated a couple of days for the project but things were going well and we were storming through the work. There were plenty of small Sycamore trees which we felled as well as climbing some of the larger trees. Earlier in the day I had already climbed an Ash tree which I hit the top of the canopy out in a large section so we could fell the stem.

Five of us moved on to dead wooding some large pines, which is usually a straight forward job other then trying to get a climbing line over a branch, it made for some good throw bag practice. It also made for a good photo as all five of us were in the tree, all mates together doing the thing we all enjoy and make a living from….climbing trees.

After dinner there was just one Pine tree left to dead wood, a job which was easy. I got my throw line up and over a branch and started getting my main line set up. Its funny or you could even say ironic that as I was ascending I was thinking what it would be like to fall from this sort of height. Something that I think goes through many tree surgeons minds at some point.

The branch I wanted to use to set up my main anchor point was just above the one i’d reached, so I secured my self with an auxiliary flip line, before I started to set up my main anchor point. This is something thats been drilled into me, its like second nature to set up your climbing system as any arborist would tell you.

I’ve been a tree surgeon for about 10 years so this wasn’t exactly new territory, I could pretty much do it with my eyes closed.
I got a shout to say my saw was on and started to pull my Husqervarna 540xp top handled chainsaw up.

I attached it to my tool loop on my harness, I was ready for work, so I unclipped my auxiliary flip line 100% confident that I was secure so I sat back in my harness…….

Find out what happens next here

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