Tree Surgery

Tree surgery

At Silver Oak Tree Surgery we are experienced tree surgeons that offer range of tree surgery and pruning services in Sheffield, Chesterfield and the Peak District. Our aim is to professionally advise you whilst taking into consideration your requirements as well as what is best for your trees and garden. 

We aim to be as sympathetic and as environmentally friendly as possible whilst ensuring all work is carried out to the highest of standards. 

Here are some of the services we have to offer and a description of terminology:

Tree Dismantling

This is where one of our tree surgeons will climb the tree using ropes and a harness. He will set up a main line system and then start to dismantle the tree a section at a time, it may involve lowering branches to avoid damage to objects that are under the tree. This technique is one of the most common and safest ways to remove a tree from your garden. This method also ensures the least amount of damage to surrounding areas.

Removal of Dead, Dying & Dangerous Trees

Removing dead, dying and dangerous trees is something that shouldn’t be attempted unless you are a skilled Tree Surgeon. This is where Silver Oak can help, we can safely remove these trees from your garden. This will leave you with peace of mind that your family is safe as well as your property. If you are unsure whether a tree should be removed please call us and we will be glad to advise you free of charge.

Tree Felling

Tree felling involves cutting the tree at the base, and either by using wedges or the weight of the tree aim it in a direction where it can land. This method is used only when space allows it but is a very effective method. Once the tree is on the ground, we then process it by cutting all the side branches off and chipping them through our Timberwolf Woodchipper. Once they are removed we then cut the main stem into rings of wood which can be used for firewood.

Crown Thinning

Have you got a tree in your garden which is cutting out lots of light? Crown Thinning can help let more light in. It’s the process in which we remove branches from the crown of the tree, generally these branches are dead, crossing or duplicated above each other. This process can also balance the structure of the tree, make the tree seem less dense but above all it’s about letting more light through the canopy.

Crown Reduction

A Crown Reduction is beneficial if you want more light into your property/garden or you are concerned about the height of the tree. It is the process in which we remove branches at the top of the canopy to bring the height of the tree down while still maintaining the shape.

Crown Lift

If you have branches that are hanging low in your garden and want more room above the canopy of your tree then a crown lift will help. This is where we remove the lower branches of the tree to lift the height of the canopy. This process also allows more light into your garden.


Pollarding is the method in which we cut the entire tree back to growth points, generally this is done annually this creates a dense top of the tree. Its commonly done to lime trees and London Plane trees, its a way of managing trees which need to be kept under control.

Hedge Cutting

We manage a lot of hedges around the Sheffield and Derbyshire areas. We feel that keeping on top of regularly cutting your hedges is important. It keeps them neat and tidy but also encourages the hedges to grow tighter and denser making each time you cut them easier and faster saving you money. We pride ourselves on a good hedge cut.

Stump Grinding

If you have a tree stump in your garden and its getting in your way, we use a method in which a machine will remove the stump. A Stump Grinder is a machine that grinds away the stump so that nothing is left, this way you can replant, re-turf what would be normally a wasted area.  

Woodland Management/Forestry

Silver oak has had plenty of experience in woodland management, currently managing Home Wood which falls between Grindleford and Calver. We have managed this woodland for over 10 years creating woodland rides, thinning the woodland out, re-planting trees, crown lifting. We have also had to control the spread of Himalayan balsam which had overrun many areas in the woodland.

Another Project we had was In Chesterfield, specifically near Holymoorside. It was in a woodland called Old Spring Wood on Walton back lane. Silver Oak applied to the forestry commision for a grant to encourage birdlife into the woods along with trying to bring more native broadleaf trees into the woodland as the majority were Scots Pine. The grant was accepted and we started work which first involved installing a ride around the entire 32acre woodland. We managed to find a buyer for the timber. A great project which we gained valuable experience.

Tree Preservation Order/ Conservation Area

We want you to have the best service, thats why we offer to arrange to speak to the local council Tree Officers about any trees that have a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) or your area falls into a Conservation area.

24 Hour Call Out

Living in Great Britain occasionally the weather can have an adverse effect on the trees, in case of an emergency please call us so we can clear access from drive ways, buildings and make dangerous trees safe. We feel your welfare is our concern.

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