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Building a supply of wood that is well seasoned, ethically sourced and from the highest quality firewood is quite an art form.

From the tree surgery work we do in the Sheffield area, we tend to accumulate a lot of wood. Rather than waste this wood by taking it to a green waste site, we have been storing it in our custom made log stores. We hand split the wood ourselves and then air dry it for a few years. 

Over the last few years we have been trialling different ways of seasoning this wood in order to make it burn efficiently and kick out heat. We have built varying types of log stores to maximize air flow in order to speed the drying process as well as testing different kinds of wood and using a range of air drying techniques. We are proud to say that the moisture content of the wood is less then 20%, which is ideal for burning maximizing the efficiency of the log.

Since it’s coming to that time of year when the log burners are back in use from being redundant over the summer, we have tested our firewood ourselves and we are very pleased with it, if fact we are pretty sure it is near on perfect……

So if you are looking for firewood this year take a look at our prices here or contact us at 07944394413.

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